George Cunningham

george cunningham


How I got into NLP

I was introduced to NLP at work in 1998; my boss gave me a box of cassette tapes and said, “You might like to listen to these on your long commute.”

I was fascinated and started to experiment and use some of the language patterns in company-wide communications. Immediately I saw a benefit and wanted to learn more.

In the early 2000s, I completed my Practitioner course with Richard Bandler, John LaValle, Michael Neill and Paul McKenna. By 2006 I was a certified NLP Trainer and set up NLP Liverpool, so I could teach the techniques to others for business and personal use.

Why I teach NLP

Working with clients allowed me to see the dramatic changes people make in a very short time.

Whatever walk of life or career stage, NLP training delivers massive personal and career benefits for students, and I take great pleasure in watching people return to work and cascade these techniques through their organizations for everyone’s benefit.

I teach NLP because I love watching students transform before my eyes and have those lightbulb moments that I know will change their lives forever. It’s a huge privilege to be the catalyst for change.

George also teaches NLP in Liverpool. Find more info here: NLP Liverpool.

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