What is the best way to learn NLP?

Are you currently researching the best way to learn NLP? Have you recently heard about the impressive impact of NLP skills, or even ordered a few NLP books on Amazon? Do you still feel like you haven’t completely grasped the essence of NLP?

It’s understandable. There is a lot of information about NLP in books and on the internet, but is that enough to become a proficient NLP user? Our experience tells us that it may not be.

NLP is like a language. Speaking it brings many benefits, is exotic and enchanting. But is it possible to learn a language solely from books? There are excellent books with detailed grammar, numerous rules, and countless vocabulary words. There are even audio sets and online courses. But all of that doesn’t replace immersing yourself in the foreign language. Nowhere will you learn as quickly, effectively, and intensively as when you are there, in the midst of the action, exchanging with native speakers. When you dive into a new country, a new language, and let yourself be carried away by the impressions, sounds, and nonverbal signals – that’s when you learn as if by magic. This implied way of learning is the most economical for our brain, as it closely resembles the natural learning process of a child and is much more exciting than learning from dry books.

The same is true for NLP. There are excellent books in this field, but they don’t replace the experiences you can gain by observing and applying NLP in action. That’s why we recommend that anyone who wants to learn NLP seriously should attend an NLP Practitioner and NLP Master training. It not only gives you your entry ticket into the world of NLP, but also allows you to learn NLP directly from the model and to try out and experience the formats and techniques on-site under professional guidance. Good NLP trainers don’t just present the training contents, they anchor them in your subconscious mind through the skillful application of NLP techniques. That way, you’ll learn NLP even easier and more efficiently.

Learning NLP practically through NLP – can you imagine what that could do for your learning curve? Reading about NLP and having theoretical knowledge about it is simply not the same as experiencing, integrating, and internalizing NLP in an NLP environment. See for yourself and immerse yourself in the world of NLP. Learn with other curious individuals and enjoy the dynamics of an NLP training. Fun and motivation connect, so that many participants stay in touch even after the NLP training. Often, practice groups form where experiences are exchanged and reflected upon. This propels you forward and keeps your knowledge fresh.

No more secrets. Many learning contents in NLP are so implicit that they cannot be learned by simply reading books – at least not in a way that meets our standards. Moreover, in many books and courses, the most important things are not mentioned to keep NLP shrouded in mystery. Not so with us. We distance ourselves from secrecy and get straight to the exciting contents.

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