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Elevate your journey with Neuro-Linguistic Programming & join us in Lisbon for Certified NLP Practitioner training.

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Upcoming NLP trainings in Lisbon

24th of October – 30th of October 2023

18th of January – 24th of January 2024

24th of May – 30th of May 2024

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We are proud to say that we are a knowledgeable provider in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Our NLP Practitioner Training is certified by the renowned Richard Bandler and The Society of NLP, guaranteeing our students receive top-quality training.

Learning NLP is best done by diving in and practicing, not by reading about it in a textbook. With us, you’ll practice NLP formats and techniques until they become second nature.

Learning should be quick, easy, and enjoyable! Our intensive trainings will teach you the core concepts of NLP in no time – but true mastery comes from regular practice.

NLP should be accessible to everyone. We see NLP as a highly effective tool for achieving your personal goals. Our training cuts to the chase and delivers the goods!

This is how you can experience NLP with us:

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NLP Lisbons Trainers Team

Carolin Mallmann

Certified NLP Trainer, Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Life Coach, Hypnotist

Stephanie Mastio

Certified NLP Trainer, Life Coach, Business Coach, Communication Trainer


George Cunningham

Certified NLP Trainer, NLP Coach, Business Coach, Founder of NLP Liverpool

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