NLP Practise Group

Join Our NLP Practice Group for Personal Growth and Development! We Offer Two Options – Join Us Online or in Person at Parque das Quintas das Conchas.

Join Our Online NLP Practice Group via Zoom and Refine Your Skills!

Are you looking for a way to deepen your knowledge and practical skills in NLP? Our NLP practice group meets regularly online via Zoom, on the last Friday of every month from [6:30] to [8:00] pm, Lisbon time. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, these evenings offer a valuable supplement to your existing knowledge.

Each evening includes an introduction to the theme of the session, exercises, and techniques to deepen your understanding, and opportunities for feedback and supervision. The focus of this practice group is on the practical application of NLP methods.

The atmosphere in the group is particularly supportive and respectful, and participants benefit from it in various life phases. You’ll have the opportunity to work on your own topics and receive feedback from others. Each evening focuses on a different topic, and you’ll receive learning materials and instructions for the exercises covered.

To participate, all you need is a functioning internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone. So why not join us for our next session and experience the benefits of this unique and valuable practice group? We look forward to seeing you there!

NLP Practice Group in Parque das Quintas das Conchas – Join Us Bi-Weekly!

Join us for our bi-weekly practice group at Parque das Quintas das Conchas! This is a great opportunity to practice your NLP skills and meet others who share your passion for personal development. Meetings on Sundays from [11:00] am to [13:30] pm!

The group is open to everyone, whether you are a beginner or an experienced NLP practitioner. We will explore a range of NLP techniques, including rapport building, anchoring, and reframing, and provide a supportive environment for you to practice and refine your skills.

Are you interested in joining? Send us here a brief message, and we’ll be happy to provide you with more details about the practice group and answer any questions you may have.

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